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Life or Die Moment

This is my mother's story. It started in her Senior High School. She was learned in the same Senior High School as me, SHS 3 Bandung.
     One day, she went from Binamarga Regency, Arcamanik. That is her house. She usually use angkot (city transportatiom) as her transpoprtation to go to school. Just like that day when the tragedy happend. In that day, from the time that she went to school untill the school ends works nicely just like a normal day.       She also went home with angkot just like what she did when it's morning. But, when she wanted to pay for the angkot, she just realized that she dropped or put her wallet at her school and maybe she forget to bring it back to her pocket.
ugh...      The only thing that she can do is asking for an appologize from the angkot driver. Because she has no friends left in that angkot. But then, you may not believe . The angkot driver not only gave her an appologize. He gave his money for my mother to continue her way back home with ojek (a…

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